Blast from the past

One of thoes rare articles from the past that actually has was close to the money…

Talking about YouTube – 1981 primitive Internet report on KRON


Why Microsoft Should Give Windows 7 Away… and probably will (Updated)

I have read a lot of articles about how Microsoft will give away Windows 7 do make up for the fact that Windows Vista was so bad (which is un true) see :  Windows 7: Why Microsoft Should Give Windows 7 Away

But there is no way this will happen and the proof is this tomshardware article,6910.html

Why would Microsoft have different flavours of the OS all with different features if they all were all free. Surely they would only have on version of the OS if it was going to be free and then people would just use the features they want.

UPDATE: After some more thought i think this might mean that MS are going to give away the Windows 7 Starter edition for free. This version is what used to be install on computers in emerging markets and is limited to running 3 applications at once so i think this would be the ideal version to give away and entice people to upgrade to a better version for a cost.

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IE8 RC1 gains ground in JavaScript race

I thought this was an interesting article as Microsoft has said on a number of occasions that raw speed of the browser is not as important as how quick and easy it is to use (see here But it would appear that Microsoft are still trying to milk every last drop out of performance out of the rendering engine anyway.

Kinda like a car company saying it doesn’t matter what the the top speed of a car is so long as it is a enjoyable ride, but we put in a twin turbo engine just in case you wanted that power anyway…. Hmmm….

See the article here IE8 RC1 gains ground in JavaScript race

At last! a WPF application that I actually want to use

Well it has been a while but i finally found a useful application written to take advantage of WPF in Windows Vista/7. Chirp a very nice looking twitter client that uses both WPF and click once deployment technologies…

Anyhow check it out at

Dell mini 9, can they get any better? Hell yeah!

In case you did not know i own a Dell Mini 9 laptop running Windows 7. I have given it some hardware upgrades such as 2gb ram and a 64gb SSD but one thing that really surprised me was the screen has just been rated to have a better colour display hue range that a top end Mac book….

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WSUS 3.0 SP2 Beta OMG! OMG! OMG!

WSUS 3 SP2 Beta is now out. I have used WSUS a lot so this is pretty huge for me. The feature list so far looks like its more of an update to support 2008 R2 and Windows 7 features such as branch caching.

IE8 RC1 has been released…

Well its been a long time comming but IE 8 RC1 has now been released. Can comment on it stability or compatability yet as i am still downloading it but i sure hope that it is better than the Beta version of this software… I think so far i have loaded and un-loaded the beta of IE on my computers about 4 times due to issues but i must say at least i have a high level of confidence about the un-install feature working correctly.
Anyhow… If you are game (and i am) go to:
If you want to try it…
And incase you were woundering there is no Windows 7 version as that is included with the OS out of the box so there will be no seperate upgrade.