IE8 RC1 has been released…

Well its been a long time comming but IE 8 RC1 has now been released. Can comment on it stability or compatability yet as i am still downloading it but i sure hope that it is better than the Beta version of this software… I think so far i have loaded and un-loaded the beta of IE on my computers about 4 times due to issues but i must say at least i have a high level of confidence about the un-install feature working correctly.
Anyhow… If you are game (and i am) go to:
If you want to try it…
And incase you were woundering there is no Windows 7 version as that is included with the OS out of the box so there will be no seperate upgrade.

One Response to “IE8 RC1 has been released…”

  1. Sarah Says:

    How can us Win 7 users upgrade to IE8 RC1? :(

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