Take that APPLE!!!!


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What everyone needs is perspective… Its NOT that bad!!!

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Details are now on Dell’s Web Site

Looks like the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is only 3 weeks away from being available in the UK. Still nothing on the Australian Dell web site about a solid release date in Australia

See more at Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook Details

Mythbusters and Windows Live Photos Galley

These adds are so cool…. it combines two of my favourite things (not including Kari) but i just love this new type of advertising from Microsoft it fun… informative and just super cool..


Video: Mythbusters Use Windows Live Photo Gallery

And here is another Im a PC add with Adam (Savage?) at age 8


Video: The Rookies: Adam, Age 8

Apple’s hardware is quality… Not as good as some….

It would seem that Apple’s claim that they are the BMW of the computer industry is not quite true… It seems that if you accidentally damage a hinge on the MacBook Air that its not covered under warranty.  I remember getting a Dell Laptop repaired under warranty when it was dropped in a swimming pool… Come on Apple clearly you have not made this hinge tough enough for normal use, stand by your product and stop trying to weasel out of repairing it under warranty.

More info at: MacBook Air hinge defect not covered by Apple’s warranty? – Engadget

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Windows 7 RC… What’s different

Well it seems that Microsoft is a long way down the path to getting Windows 7 RC done. The engineering team has done a post about the changes to the new version. The one I like the most is the ability to play .mov files natively, which means i wont have to install QuickTime any more (hopefully)….

Read about the changes at Engineering Windows 7 : Some Changes Since Beta for the RC

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How to delete a file that has a trailing space or special character

I came across this article recently when i needed to delete a file that had a trailing space in its name… In case you are not aware it is normally not possible to delete files with spaces in the name because windows by default strip any trailing spaces from the command you are running… so if you need to delete that pesky file that you just cant delete you can use the the “del” command so long as you use the “\?” escape character at the start of the file name:


You want to delete “C:tempfilename “ (note the space at the end.) then the command will be (including the “”):

del “\?c:tempfilename “

More info at You cannot delete a file or a folder on an NTFS file system volume