Its Official. Windows 7 will be tuned for Netbook’s. But will there be a Netbook edition? Kinda

Well Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 will be tuned to run on Netbook’s however it seems that there will not be an SKU for Netbook’s specifically. Official, for the best experience you should load Windows 7 Home Premium but i don’t think this will stop me loading Ultimate on my Netbook (Dell Mini 9). It seems that Windows 7 will be smart enough to tune itself for the hardware it is loaded on such as detecting that the HDD is solid state and therefore turning off the disk defragmenter to avoid excess drive ware.

Its a good move not to add another SKU to the plethora that already exist but what i would really like to see is Windows 7 be shipped out of the box on USB stick. DVD are subject to damage and are slow to load the OS compared to USB stick and now that the price has dropped so much i think they should at least offer a version on USB stick even if it means paying a $10 premium. This would also allow all the existing Netbook owners to windows 7 easily without the need or external USB DVD drives.

For the official announcement go to: Windows 7 Wins on Netbook PCs: Q&A: Brad Brooks, corporate vice president for Windows Consumer Product Marketing, discusses Microsoft’s take on Netbook PCs and how Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 7, will support these small computers.


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