Windows 7 UAC… Leaving the keys in the front door… (Updated)

Well there have been heaps of articles about Windows 7 UAC recently and how Rafael Rivera found a way two turn of UAC in Windows 7 without actually getting a UAC prompt… Kinda like locking the car but then leaving the keys in the door really. Well Microsoft has responded and say that they don’t think it is a problem but they also don’t say that it wont be fixed or not…

I think this is going to be a real test for Microsoft. Will they listen to the feedback and make this seeming simple change to do a UAC prompt when the UAC is actually changed. After all Windows 7 is still in Beta so they should be listening to the feedback of people…

Honestly i think Microsoft are a bit scared UAC after the really negative feedback about it in Windows Vista but now they have regressed a little to far…

You can read the Microsoft response at Engineering Windows 7 : Update on UAC

UPDATE: Microsoft will make the UAC control dialogue a high integrity process which will always require a UAC prompt. 


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