UPDATE: Boot from VHD… I wounder

UPDATE: Well i tried to load Windows 7 on a USB hard drive last night however it appears that it has been hardcoded not to allow installs in USB or Firewire devices…. Will try SD card at some stage soon but i am not holding my breath.

Ever since Microsoft announced that you can boot Windows 7 from VHD i thought SUPER cool… but why would i want to do that… Well I just had a brain wave, if i can get boot from VHD to work from SDHC card reader then i could essentially take my computer with me on a SDHC memory stick and just plug it into what ever computer and boot my OS any where i go… I don’t know if this is possible but more investigation is definitely needed.

How to boot from VHD setup instructions can be found here  http://blogs.zdnet.com/hardware/?p=3324 

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