Even more reason not to be running Windows XP

Was just reading an article on the PCMag (here) web site about the conflickr worm that is set to be activate on April 1st and sitting at number 2 on the list of things to know is:

“2. The overwhelming majority of systems infected with Conficker were infected through a vulnerability in the Windows RPC facilities. This vulnerability was patched in October. If you installed that patch before Conficker came out (late December ’08) then you were protected and still are. If you haven’t installed the update then it’s essential that you do so. Windows Vista is technically vulnerable in this way, but the exploit is almost impossible to execute on it. Conficker is basically an XP problem.”

Due to the inherent security that was built into Windows Vista this problem is about pretty much all but mitigated.

SO… People.. Windows XP.. STOP RUNNING IT… ITS 8 YEARS OLD… Compared to any other OS on the market it has had an excellent life but its time to put it down now and the fact it has stood up for all these years is a testament to its design, but really there is only so much patching and third part add-on you can run install to keep secure before the legacy design become the greatest weakness…

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