Why i think Windows 7 starter will be Free

What you are about to read is only a hunch but i am so convinced that this is Windows 7 started will be free and here is why…

In the market right now you can get Windows Vista Home for about $190au upgrade which is pretty much the lowest version of Windows you can buy. But Windows 7 Starter is a lower end version of Vista Home (yes it can get lower than home) but Windows 7 Home is apparently only going to be sold in a restricted international market but Windows 7 Home will be “Available” in every country…

The restriction with Windows 7 Starter of not being able to run more than 3 programs at once is going to be absolutely loathed by anyone who uses it. Even if there was a small cost of say $49 people will still be think they are ripped off because all you are getting is a piece of cripple ware…


If you give it away free all of a sudden it sound like a bargin and the 3 programs at once cap does not seem that bad. On top of that anyone will be able to downloaded it for free which will encourage people to not pirate Windows which Steve Ballmer has recently publicly stated is the biggest competition to Windows has right now… The release of the started edition should also stimulate the lower end PC market as OEM’s will be able to load it on Netbook and sub $1000au laptops and cheap desktops and be price competitive with other free Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and RedHat.

I know there is another BIG announcement coming about Windows 7 in the works and while i think there are more features to be added to the Release Candidate i am sure that this Big new feature is going to be the price and not the code…

Tell me what you think? do you think there is any chance of Windows 7 started being given away for free???


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