Why Windows 7 is going to be released at the perfect time

As you all probably know Windows 7 is being released this year some time after June. This timing is going to be perfect for Microsoft even though it will be in the middle of a global recession. No really it will be…  Why?

1. Windows 7 is going to run great on pretty much any computer made in the last 3 years. People have been holding off on upgrading their system to Windows Vista for the past 3 years sighting performance and reliability issues (which is not true) but instead they are running Windows XP. Loading Windows 7 on these systems is actually going to make these computers run faster than then they already are now giving people a great excuse to upgrade.

2. Corporations are not going to wait for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 as all the feedback on the web and from Gartner is that this thing will be ready to rock from day 1.

3. The Netbook market is going to be huge in 2009 and Windows 7 specs are going to be spot on for such a low end device.

What do you reckon?

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