Something big is going to happen soon…

Well I have blogged about this a few times now but it seems that there is a really big announcement happening soon… Paul Thurrott apparently knows what it is but cant say when he was recording his 100th episode of Windows Weekly and now Information Week is saying that a big announcement will happen when the RC happens.

So what could it be, lets look at the possibilities:

1. Licensing – They could announce the price of the Windows 7 SKU’s and i reckon that if it is then it will be Windows 7 starter will be free for everyone. The announcement that there would be an unlimited number of Windows 7 keys seems to indicate that this might be the case. See more reason why i think this will/should happen on my previous blog here.

2. Major feature – This i would like to see happen but i just don’t see happening that a major new feature would be included in so late in the testing process see that the release date would be only a few months away. If so what could it be… The UI… Security… Performance… what else could they put in the OS and not get into legal trouble…

3. Release dates – The RTM dates will be announced when the RC goes out…

What ever it is this announcement is going to be BIG. I was talking to a Microsoft employee about 3 months ago and he told me there was something big was coming in Windows 7 but not even he knew what it was.

Time will tell..


One Response to “Something big is going to happen soon…”

  1. Matt Says:

    Maybe MS will announce they are being bought by Google? :) LOL

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