Microsoft hits the Apple nerve (OUCH!)

Looks like the latest adds from Microsoft are starting to hit their mark. Daniel Lyons has written a very good article about the affect they are having.

Some really great quotes from the article are below:

  • “Macs cost more than Windows PCs. But there’s a far more damaging subtext: that people who buy Macs aren’t necessarily cool, clued-in hipsters. In fact, they might just be poseurs who paid too much for a computer–slash–fashion accessory”
  • “In February, U.S. retail sales of Windows PCs grew 22 percent, measured in units, while sales of Macs dropped 16 percent, according to researcher NPD”
  • “Apple, so far, has refused to make (a netbook)… Instead, in January the company rolled out that 17-inch laptop with a $2,800 price tag. Talk about tone-deaf.”

Source: How Microsoft Razzes Apple Over Its Prices | Newsweek Daniel Lyons | Techtonic Shifts |

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One Response to “Microsoft hits the Apple nerve (OUCH!)”

  1. Matt Says:

    True.. Apple better pull some stunning things out in June otherwise they rise losing more share. Win7 will be going into the spotlight soon and Win mob 6.5 is looking better. I will try and judge winmob 6.5 vs iphone 3.0 together before I commit personally :)

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