Update – More UI changes coming in Windows 7

I have heard from a few sources that there is a new UI coming with Windows 7. From what I can tell these new UI changes are not going to be to major but will be more along the line of some more eye candy around the Task Bar and Start Menu. It does not appear that these changes are in build 7077 so it is going to be interesting if they will be in the RC. If they are not in the RC then I would say these changes will need to be dropped in very soon after the RC is released…

If i had to guesses I would say the changes are going to be made to the transitions effects around the windows preview transitions and moving and resizing windows….

I know this puts a bit of a dent in my prediction that Windows 7 Start will be free but I still this this is a possibility…

Update: Paul Thurrott and Ed Bott have now published articles about this but interestingly that both are of the exact opposite opinion… here is hoping Paul (and myself) is right.

No UI Change http://www.edbott.com/weblog/?p=2468

UI Change http://www.winsupersite.com/win7/win7_7106.asp

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