Apple invents infinite space hard drive…

Or at least that is what Apples latest Mac vs. PC “Legal Copy” add claims. In the fine print in the “fine print” of the add Apple claims that one that “free(ing) up disk space” is something that Windows users have to do to keep their computer running properly.

Unbelievable… This is something you need to do on every OS if you fill the hard drive up… and unless Apple have invents some sort of hard drive that has infinite amount of disk space then you have to do this on Mac’s as well… really if you are going to poke fun at your competition make sure that you don’t suffer the same problem yourself…

Apple’s are obviously hurting with the latest I’m a PC laptop hunter adds as they seem to now be inventing issues to compete again Microsoft on… like say Cost, Compatibility, Cost and Security where Windows PC are mile ahead.

Source: MacJournals News :

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