Dell Mini 10 now in OfficeWorks – Hands on test

Last weekend i had my first hands on experience with a Dell Mini 10 at OfficeWorks at Garden City while buy my Dad’s birthday present.… The look and feel was very good and i was surprised i was able to set the displays to 1024×768 (although this was not native). The bigger keyboard was definitely a lot more usable and the bigger true flat screen was an unexpected touch. I was also able to use the multi touch features of the track pad in this device even though it lacked native OS support as it was only running Windows XP.

One note worth of mention was the system were only $789 which is a whole $60 cheaper than on the Dell web site… Weather this was because they were lower specked i am not sure.

At this stage i am not going to buy one until at least the new upgrade are available such as GPS,TV & 720p.

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