Windows Mobile 7 UI shows up on HP iPAQ K3

In what might have been an intentional leak (or just a total stuff up) it seems that some promotional shots of the new HP iPAQ K3 are sporting a Windows Mobile 7 interface. The shot looks very clean and I for one would expect the next windows mobile OS to look just like.

What seems to be strange is that the top and bottom rows of buttons don’t have text labels. There is also a Phone button on the middle row on the right however there is also a phone icon sitting just above it. Also worth mentioning it the black circles with numbers on top of the phone, email & text messages buttons. This is similar to the un-lock screen in Windows Mobile 6.5 in how it shows the number of un-read messages in each category.

Whats also interesting is the soft buttons at the bottom right of the screen… Move – Which seems strange as there is nothing selected so what exactly are you meant to be moving??

If it is a fake then it is a good one. If it is real, then i am excited!


Source: HP iPAQ K3 pictured with Windows Mobile 7-style UI

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