Free Netbooks for all TechEd 09 Attendees

WOOT!!! Now there are two fantastic reasons for going to TechEd Australia 2009.

1. I will be presenting a Group Policy Session


2. DRUM ROLL….. All attendees will be getting FREE HP Mini Netbook.

image image








Source  Microsoft TechEd Australia attendees to receive free HP Mini Notebook with Windows 7 – istartedsomething

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My first iPhone 3GS video

I captured and published my first iPhone 3GS video last weekend. Steph wanted to play on the see saw but she didn’t realise that it was wet until a drop of water fell on her head from the overhead metal bar. I am really impressed with the video feature of the iPhone 3GS and the shear fact that I now have a video camera with be all the time will hopefully mean i can capture many more of these magic moments.

For all of my videos you can visit my YouTube page at 

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What Windows Mobile 7 UI should look like

Just found this web site by an ex-Microsoft employees that show a whole lot of sample UI’s for Windows Mobile that looks really nice.



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Update for iPhone 3.1: Things I Hate and Like about the iPhone 3GS

Now that i own an iPhone i thought i would start a list of all the think i do and don’t like about it:

Primary HATE

  • No Multitasking
  • Can’t manually install applications
  • No file system to share information between applications (Hence also no memory card support)
  • I hate how easy it is to reply to an SMS but then you realised you are not in the conversations you think you were and you send an SMS to someone else
  • Cant apply custom schedule to email sync to have push email during hours and manually sync after hours.


  • I hate how doing a 0.0.1 upgrade to iTunes is still 99mb download
  • I hate how the soft plastic on the sync cable has started to crack on 3 months
  • I hate how iTunes needs to be running to sync podcast. They should be able to do this in the background as a services. Then again Apple really struggles with concept of multi-tasking
  • You have to press the edit button to forward an SMS messages…. That’s like having to click start to shutdown a computer…
  • Can’t change the reminder tone
  • No profile support to automatically silent the phone during a meeting. Like Windows Mobile has had for years!!!
  • I hate how meeting reminders don’t set an alert automatically to 15 minutes.
  • I hate how you can’t control what type of meeting it is when you created it (Private).  
  • Cant change the default search engine in safari from either Yahoo or Google
  • Cant sync contact and calendar from Hotmail over the air
  • Read status of emails does not save back to hotmail. Granted this is a pop3 issues but this is something i can do on the Windows Mobile
  • Battery life is still very short…
  • I can tether the phone using Telstra… Granted this can be enabled by the network but its also because uses a different APN address.
  • Included applications (YouTube,stocks,weather) all force you to use the one data provider. It would be nice to be able to pick and chose other data providers.
  • Cant paste into the setup Calender subscription field
  • Able to change the ring tones to use a custom sounds out of the box
  • Cant copy files to the device. I would like to store my favourite photos on the device in full resolution but iTunes converts them before syncing.
  • Don’t like how the phone is not usable if you are in the middle of a sync
  • Photos are down sampled when they are synced to the phone
  • Cant add attachments to emails (like photos). You can send emails with images in it, but you cant add one to an existing email that you have already started to compose.
  • Every time i make a change in iTunes it wants to sync the phone again. Why cant this just happen in the background!
  • I cant select multiple emails and mark them as read or un-read
  • I cant manually select which podcasts i can sync to my phone
  • Cant lock the screen when running a video podcast. I can pause it… wait… and then play it again using my headphone controls but this is just a pain. (Update: if you pause the video playback and then hit the sleep button and then press the middle button on your headphones it starts to play the video with the screen blank.)
  • when sending images from the photo viewer they are down sampled to 1024×768 without warning… It would be nice to be asked before sending… Do you want to reduce the size this image before sending?
  • I want to be able to configured a home page for safari
  • I cant see the full date on the home screen.
  • It would be nice to see more information on the lock screen like an up coming appointment.
  • I want a TO DO list… is that so hard!!!
  • I want to be able to mark podcast as read
  • I hate that when i sync my phone the podcast i am listening to stops and then when i press play it will forget what i was listening to and start playing a random song.
  • I also hate that when i go back a podcast i was listening to when i started to sync it forgot where i was in the podcast 
  • This one is so obvious i don’t know why i did not think of it before… I cant play WMA and WMV’s natively on the device. Almost everyone other non-Apple media device can do it so why not Apple…?
  • The update to the OS from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 is 300mb which is the whole OS image… Surly you can do incremental patches if its only a 0.0.1 upgrade of the device…
  • You have to tether your phone to your computer to sync content with it… why can it just use wireless.
  • Apple blocks application that reproduce the functionality of the phone such as Google Voice. Not that I would use Google Voice… its just the principal i hate.

Things I Love

  • The NUI – This is by far and away the biggest draw of the iPhone. They really have nailed the Natural User Interface its smooth
    • Capacitive touch is really nice and this adds a lot to the UI experience


  • I like the video camera
  • Podcasting
  • I like the range of accessories that you can get because all the devices are the same size and shape.

Bing and Yahoo draw neck and neck

Looks like the 2nd place race between Bing and Yahoo is getting really hot with Bing again drawing neck and neck with Yahoo search. Is this another nail in the coffin for Yahoo as they now struggle against Microsoft Bing search engine with its 10billion advertising campaign. Also interesting to notice that the race is however not at Yahoo’s expense but with Google’s which seems to inversely mirror the market share with Bing.



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Video – Zune HD compared to iPhone

Looks like the Zune HD will be a very compact unit with a screen about the same size of an iPhone… The UI looks very smooth and the screen seems to look very clear even when viewed at the side.

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Does the iPhone 3GS have a FM radio?

Was just looking at the parts list of an iPhone 3GS and i noticed that one parts looked like it has a FM receiver… Hmm.. does this mean the iPhone 3GS has a FM radio built in just waiting to be turned on by Apple…



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