Why develop for Windows Mobile…? Here is why

(This one is for you @mattcorr)

Seems like the idea of making a whole bunch of money by developing an application for Apples App Store is just a whole bunch of hype…  “Rick Storm has an application is listed as #34 on the social networking chart. According to his blog that makes him a little over $20 per day. That is a little over $7000 per year if sales continue at that rate. That is not a lot of money to me.”

Read More: Jeff’s Thoughts: Why Windows Mobile?

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One Response to “Why develop for Windows Mobile…? Here is why”

  1. Matt Says:

    As I said before. if you plan on *only* making money from iphone apps you are a fool. Also that’s a good link you posted there. When I go and read it and see what’s actually there rather than reading what I want to read, you will notice that the whole basis on that article which is that Owen Gloss and that "Dapple" app. I recall reading some forum about this exact application a while ago. (Can’t find the link though. :( ) It basically boiled down to Owen not really knowing what he was getting into and paying someone else to program the game for him. Then instantly expecting to sell that large number of units. He understandably failed, much like the Winmo UI is a fail. There is money to be made in the apps store but impressive success stories are few and far between. Don’t spend money you don’t have or assume you will make. I also notice you don’t mention the free apps that are released by companies to get in touch with their iphone carrying customers. A good example would be an interface for internet banking tailored for the iphone. I am pretty sure the developers didn’t do that for free. They were paid by the bank for their time. Of course this also applies to Winmo devices as well.

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