iPhone 3GS is just a minor update

Apple announced that the new iPhone model call 3GS other than some pre-announced software features (such as copy/paste) it seems that it is little more than an evolution of the device with slight better processor/ram/battery life. A lot of the other new features such as data tethering are nice but really but all they are doing is playing catch up with other phone platforms such as WinMo and Nokia.iphone-3g-vs-iphone-3gs 

The good thing for WinMo users is that this now means at least another 12 months before the next major iPhone update which should give Microsoft a chance to close the perception gap with Windows Mobile 6.5 (out in the next few months) and Windows Mobile 7 (around this time next year).

Of course the iPhone religious fanatics out there will say this is the best device every but really i think this is a sign that the platform/device is really starting to level out in way of features and design.

For a more in-depth review see: iPhone 3GS disappoints, breaks iPhone update model

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One Response to “iPhone 3GS is just a minor update”

  1. Matt Says:

    You should look at the comments to the blog post you link to. Most of them are disagreeing with the posts assumptions and therefore your point of view.

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