Bing loses edge over yahoo but it is it just getting its second wind

Microsoft new search engine called Bing made a huge splash last week when it launched which put it second place behind Google in the US last week. But very soon after that Bing’s market share dropped below and Yahoo gained its second place crown again. However it seems that the Microsoft still has effectively double the market share of their search engine compared to live search only a few weeks ago. Also interesting to note is that the gains of the search engine seems to be the expense of Google not yahoo.

More interestingly is that it seems that the market share is again increasing rising and looks to soon take over Yahoo again if the current trend continues. I think this shows that people who tried Bing liked it and are now coming back for a second and third try.


Top 5 Search Engines in the United States from 13 May to 11 Jun 09 | StatCounter Global Stats

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