Microsoft might be asking to much for Win7 Starter

I hope this is not true but it seems that Microsoft are going to bump up the price of Windows 7 starter edition for use on notebooks from the current $15 to about $45. This would be very bad move for MS as they should be trying to remain the dominant OS (98%) for Netbooks in the market. I say they need to make Win7 Starter free ( or practically free like $5) to encourage new people to use Win7 and to encourage to go legit or to swap from other OS’s as OSX or Linux. If they could also make it available for digital download for the same price this would also be huge way to get people using Windows other there quickly and then they would make more money as people upgraded to the more functional ( and expensive ) version using the upgrade anytime option.

Source: Microsoft asking $45-55 for Windows 7 Starter? – Ars Technica


2 Responses to “Microsoft might be asking to much for Win7 Starter”

  1. Matt Says:

    any idea about the pricing of the other versions yet? Win 7 Business, Ultimate?

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