Update: Rumour Alert: Xbox 3 coming next year with Project Natal

xbox_720 Neowin is running an article that a new Xbox will come out next year with the Project Natal controller. This specs are approximately double that of the current Xbox and it is expected to be 100% backwards compatible with the original Xbox. But if you love the video demo of Project Natal and you don’t feel like buying a new console don’t worry as Microsoft have stated that it will work with all Xbox 360 so it looks like their is some life left in your current 360.

I am super excited if this is true and of course i will need to get one as soon as its out. This will leave about 4 years between consoles from Microsoft which I think is just about right frequency for consumers to palate.

I wounder what the people at Sony think of this as they only just announced that they are committed to their current console the PS3 for at least another 10 years.

UPDATE: Apparently Microsoft are hosing down claims that there will not be a Project Natal consol coming out next year but if you carefully read the article they have not denied that there is a new console coming next year. What I still hope to see is the Project Natal controller/camera coming for both the 360 and 720 as an add-on and we will see games work on both consoles with a few of them enhanced to take advantage of the next 720 hardware. They say they are committed to the 360 until 2015 and therefore you they will probably be committed to the 720 for about 10 years until about 2020.

More information: Rumor: New Xbox coming sooner then expected?

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