Will there be a new Xbox coming soon… ? I still think so

xbox_720 Well there has been a lot of denying that a new Xbox will be coming next year but if you take a close look at what they are saying no one is denying there wont be a new console… at least not in the medium term…

Lets look at it closely at what he says….

"A few people have emailed me regarding something Steve Ballmer said earlier today about a new Xbox coming in 2010."

Well of course the rumours are flying after what Steve Ballmer said.

"As the Xbox team stated at E3 two weeks ago, we are not even halfway through the current console generation lifecycle"

Think how the Microsoft software is supported… current version and previous version, this means that xbox 360 will be supported for a while yet but it does not mean that they will not introduce a new Xbox that is more power lets call it the "Xbox 360 Pro" if all they are doing it increasing the number of cores and the amount of ram this give it extra power but mean that backwards compatibility is also excellent… plus it means that they don’t have a lot of re-inventing to do when it comes to basic architecture design which should hopefully mean a shorter time to develop the hardware and software… meaning that game should be able to change quality based on the hardware specs… somewhat like games for the PC right now are written…

"and believe Xbox 360 will be the entertainment center in the home for long into the next decade." Well its 2009 right now… Well into next decade could mean 2013…

" Project Natal will be an important part of this platform, but we have not confirmed a launch date at this time."

Notice he say "PLATFORM" not xbox 360… leaving the option to make a more powerful version of the current Xbox 360…

Also notice the absence of him saying there will not be a new Xbox next year… So if you ask me there is a new Xbox coming next year all be it probably very late next year.

Read Major Nelson “clarification” here (clear as mud) : http://majornelson.com/archive/2009/06/18/to-clarify-what-steve-said-earlier-today.aspx

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