Bing and Yahoo draw neck and neck

Looks like the 2nd place race between Bing and Yahoo is getting really hot with Bing again drawing neck and neck with Yahoo search. Is this another nail in the coffin for Yahoo as they now struggle against Microsoft Bing search engine with its 10billion advertising campaign. Also interesting to notice that the race is however not at Yahoo’s expense but with Google’s which seems to inversely mirror the market share with Bing.



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One Response to “Bing and Yahoo draw neck and neck”

  1. Sean Says:

    I have Bing set to default search engine. But you know what? propbably 95% of the time I end up using Google because Google gets the result I’m looking for. Bing in my opinion is not all I’ts cracked up to be. Has a few advantages I like, but just doesn’t seem to get the results. I Bing then Decide: use google instead!

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