Apple iPhone cracks the mobile phone market with 1% market share… While ripping us all off

mi-ax839_cellhe_ns_20090719183141 In a recent article at the iPhone Blog showing how profitable the iPhone is i was stunned to read that the iPhone currently only has 1% of the cell phone market share. Considering all the hoopla lately about how massively popular the phone is 1% still does not seem to be lot. Granted the phone has only been out for 2 years and 1% is still an impressive number for someone just starting in the game… But COME ON 1% THATS NOTHING… Event LG who i thought was a complete nobody in the phone market sell way more phones than Apple.

I will grant that the iPhone has pushed its competitors to pick up their games in some areas so it has been a good thing  for the industry but now that everyone will soon be on fairly level playing ground with Palm Pre,Google Android,Blackberry Storm and Windows Mobile 6.5 (and 7) I doubt that Apple wont see much more massive…errr… 1% market share gains again any time soon.

What is also really interesting about this article is that both Apple and RIM seem to have highly profitable devices which makes me think just how much profit do they make on these phones. When coupled with the cost of application downloads, accessories and expensive phone bills us iPhone/Blackberry users are just all getting RIPPED OFF!!!!

iPhone — 20% Profit Share of Mobile Industry? | The iPhone Blog


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