My Mac vs. PC Add

Cue music…

Mac and PC standing in white space… both have ear buds in ears and are hold a portable media device…

Mac: Hi I’m a Mac
PC: Hi I’m a PC
PC: oh what that you got there?
Mac: its my iPod touch, (shows PC iPod touch in his hand) i use it to listen to all my MP3
PC: oh just like the ZuneHD (shows Mac ZuneHD in his hand) that i use to listen to my MP3 collection
PC: what that over there. (points to extension lead on the ground behind Mac)
Mac: oh that’s my extension lead, I need it because my iPod will go flat soon as i have been listening to music for 10 hours now.
PC: 10 hours wow that a long time.
Mac: How long does the ZuneHD play songs for?
PC: 25
Mac: 25 hours that really great
PC: No, 25 days..
Mac: Twenty… five…. days… oh….

(Mac hangs head and walks away to right tripping over the power cord)

PC: and i play video for 7 hour (raised voice to Mac so he can hear him over noise of crash)
Mac: huh! (deflated tone from from off screen)
Music play out…

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