Apple to release really big dumb 10’ tablet laptop in September

appletablet Financial Times said they have confirmed that they will be bringing out a 10’ table in September but surprisingly it will only have WIFI connectivity and it will run the iPhone OS not a full version of OSX. It is also tipped that this device will run an ARM processor which is kind of good for Apple as this means there is no chance of loading Windows 7 on the hardware on it. This is a real shame as it Apple typically make good hardware and Windows 7 on Apple hardware tablet would have been really nice to see.

Without 3G connectivity i don’t think this device will be the success that the iPhone as all it will be is a glorified over size iPod touch. Amazons Kindle will have the most to fear this device as apparently Apple are also taking to book publishers for the rights to sell books on the device.

The timing of the release also seems to be somewhat strategic to co-inside with the launch with Windows 7 but i say that this is going to make little or no impact to the massive success that Windows 7 will be. Seeing that Windows 7 is already a multi-touch OS with inertial based scrolling i wounder really if there is any reason to do this device. Apple will really have a hard time marketing this device as its not a phone but it runs the iPhone OS… Its not a laptop as it does not have a physical keyboard and is not a Netbook Because its going to cost over $800us. Plus they are not going to be able to subsidise this device with phone carriers so your going to have to pay full outright cost of the device up front… I guess all the Apple fan boys out will shell out money for this device where as everyone else will either not care or just poke fun at the people who were brain washed in forking money out for this overprices, featureless device.

Financial Times Confirms Apple Tablet For September | Gizmodo Australia#more-342939#more-342939#more-342939#more-342939

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  1. Annyra Says:

    Dear friend I have to thank for the new technology Where we bring youYou to be a good.I agree with you for the company Apple would not support with Windows 7… ThanksGood eveningAnnyra

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