No GPS, No Worries… How to set Windows 7 Default Location

One of the new features of Windows 7 is the ability to support a standard interface to location sensing devices such as GPS’s. However most computers at the moment do not have GPS’s built-in so it would see that for most of us this feature wont be much help. But Windows 7 does allow you to set a default location that will be used when there is no location device present. To do this open control panel and type “default” then click on “Enter a default location” you can then enter your default postcode or even exact address (see Figure 1.) for application to use to determine the location of the user even when you don’t have a GPS connected.


Figure 1. Default Location Screen

Now applications will be able to use the sensor API to determine a user location even if they don’t have a GPS or other location device installed.


One Response to “No GPS, No Worries… How to set Windows 7 Default Location”

  1. Sarah Says:

    This looks interesting. I didn’t notice this in control panel until today. I would like to see how this feature will be used (geotagging your tweets perhaps?).

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