iTablet Video looks like it runs iPhone Apps

appletablet A couple of video’s and screen shots and videos of the iTablet have been leaked… And if they are indeed real they are very interesting.

It looks like the iTablet will run iPhone apps natively as fixed size windows that can be dragged around the screen. This would mean that the iTablet will be able to run all the 16,000 iPhone Apps on day one of its launch which is be a huge boost to the device. This will also mean a launch date of September is more than likely as there wont need to be any lead time for App developers to re-code their apps for the platform.

The iTablet is also rumoured to also use an ARM processor which now makes sense as the iPhone also uses an ARM processor this will make it very easy to make applications compatibility between the two devices. The video of the device also seems to have a full screen browser which makes senses for a device with a 10 inch screen but I say it is still un-likely to support flash.

Overall however I think this device is not going to be a huge success as the iPhone as people aren’t going to pay $800 us for a dumb computer when they could have a fully functional NetBook for half the cost. Yes it will have its nice market and I am sure some people will say its revolutionary but I just hope someone finds a way to load Windows 7 on it…







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