Apple’s security issues just keep coming

apple%20with%20worm It seems that OSX are now struggling to keep their operating systems security due to their disbelief that no matter what they do they will be secure because the have a Mac. Two attacks are now being directly targeted at OSX users via mass emails called OSX/Tored-A and OSX/Jahlav-C that tricks the user into downloading a virus to take control of their computer. What also makes this all the more dangerous for OSX users is that most people still don’t run Anti-Virus software and it was only last year that Apple started to “recommend” customer run anti-virus software. This is in stark contrast to Microsoft view that Anti-Virus software is so important that they have started to give away it own Anti-Virus software Microsoft Security Essentials .

Also in other Apple security related issues it seems there is a bug in the spotlight search program that allows users to still read emails after they have been deleted. Presumably this is due to the search index having a cached copy of all the emails that it does not let go after the email is deleted. Below is a video demonstration of the issue. No word when this will be fixed but we can only hope that it will be resolved when the iPhone 3.1 OS is released.



Source 1: Mac porn hackers lay booby trap

Source 2: Uh Oh: iPhone OS 3.0 Never Fully Deletes Your Emails | Gizmodo Australia


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