Dust settles in Browser Market Share Wars – Internet Explore still Wins

Internet Explore the once major dominant browser of the Internet now only commands about 60% of the browser market share (see figure 1). What is interesting is that this 60% has been relatively stable for the past few months even with the volatility of the individual browser versions due to new version being released. This seems to show that no matter what new features are being released people have settled on the browser they like and are just happy to stick with it.

One thing that may affect browser market share in the forth coming months will be the release of Windows 7 as many people will be forced to wipe their Windows XP systems and install Windows 7 fresh. I think this will probably show a bit of a drop in market as some people will be content with the new Internet Explorer 8 in the OS as opposed to IE6 that comes with Windows XP.


Figure 1: Overall Browser Market Share


Figure 1: Individual Browser Version Market Share

Source: Top 5 Browsers from W27 to W34 09 | StatCounter Global Stats


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