Google users not so loyal

Microsoft new search engine Bing has been making some very interesting in roads into the the search market over the past few months with over 10% of the North American market share. What is interesting is that when ever Bing has in increase in market share it is always at the expense of Google and not Yahoo. This show that Yahoo’s users are very loyal and are not easily swayed which might away from their preferred search engine. Which seem to make the deal they made with Yahoo even more sense as it would have taken a lot of work to get the Yahoo user to change teams. Google users seems to be not so loyal to the brand and are willing to try a new search engine which could work to Microsoft advantage. Either way just with the browser wars it will be interesting to see if many people change their default browser search engine back to Google when Windows 7 is released to the market in the next few months.image

Figured 1. Google = Red, Yahoo = Yellow, Bing = Blue.

Graph has been modified. See original at


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