Windows Live Movie Maker Released

image For almost 9 months now Windows Live Movie Maker Beta has been released from Microsoft to provide a very limited stop gap product while it try to re-build from the ground up Windows Movie Maker. Well now Windows Live Movie Maker is now out and it seems that it is finally up to the task for producing some high quality video’s for all those mum and dad movie makers (myself included). One of the feature I really like about the new program is that i can now import video’s straight from my iPhone and then i can also save them in an format that will work on the iPhone as well as well as the ability to directly upload videos directly to YouTube.

What is also rally mind blowing about Windows Live Movie Maker is that it now uses DirectX hardware acceleration and is multi-core aware so the performance of the program is fantastic. This results in being able to see live previews of all the transitions when you use adding effects while editing and much higher quality effects, WAY COOL! and all this for FREE.

Also released are newer version of the Windows Live Essentials suite but so far there is no work on what exactly has been upgraded. You can get the latest version of Windows Live Movie Maker at or you can upgrade the entire Windows Live Essentials suite by going to and re-running the install program.

More Info at Explore Movie Maker


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