iPod / iPad to use Nvidia Tegra? I think so

appletablet  Nvidia has just posted a news article on their web site promoting the Zune HD will be using their Tegra processor which by now is very common knowledge. However they also said:

“There are 50 active Tegra processor-based design projects currently in the works today.”

geforce_processors_headerSo this has got me thinking that maybe one or two of these 50 up coming devices could be the iPod or even the iPad. The Tegra processor is an ARM processor so it would be relatively easy for Apple to use it in their devices. Plus it would make sense that an iPad device with a 10” screen would need a more powerful graphics processor and at the moment there is no other ARM based processors on the market that also includes a graphics processor. The Tegra is also reportedly to have excellent battery life would also be essential for a tablet based device and Nvidia also has an existing relation with Apple as they use the Geforce 9400 in their Macbooks.

All this makes me think that that it is pretty much a no-brainer that Apple are going to use the Tegra chip in their up coming devices, but i suppose time will tell.

Source: NVIDIA Tegra Provides The Multimedia Muscle In Zune HD

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