Apple’s iPad “SmartBook” to have Nvidia Tegra Chip? 90% sure

geforce_processors_header I blogged about the reasons why I thought the Tegra chip was coming to the still rumoured Apples iPad / iTablet device on the 21/08/2009 and it seems that I might have been on the money. One of Nvidia’s General Manager’s Mike Rayfield has just recorded a video talking up how the Tegra chip is idea for “media pad” type devices. A quote from the video seems to say it all:

Joshua Topolsky (host) “There’s lot of rumours about apple one of those [Tablet]…”

Mike Rayfield (General Manager Mobile Devices, Nvidia) “Right”

Also notice that the host corrects himself when he accidentally say’s “Netbook” to “SmartBook” which I think is quite interesting as Apple have previously distanced them self from “Netbooks” saying they had no plan’s to make one. So maybe Apple are going to call their new iPad device a “SmartBook” which would make sense as they are also rumoured to be in talks with book publishers for the rights to sell books on their device.

Mike Rayfield (General Manager Mobile Devices, Nvidia)

Below is also quick re-cap of my previous blog as to why I think this will happen:

Hopefully we will also see other Windows Mobile devices come out soon on similar devices as the Windows CE OS reportedly can take excellent advantage of the Chip.

See the whole Video at


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