Microsoft has got its MOJO back… take 2

austin4b Recently I blogged that I thought that Microsoft was getting its MOJO back due to all the new products that are coming soon… Well in the past 2 months since that blog things are even looking better for Microsoft so I thought I would do revised version with all the new information.

  • Microsoft Courier – OMFG!!!  this is going to be the iPhone/iTablet killer device from Microsoft.
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 – Yes i can hear you laugh but this is single biggest change to the Windows Mobile UI since 2000. It is certainly going to address some of the shortfall of the current WinMo 6.1 OS.
  • Windows Mobile 7 – This is going to be awesome. Microsoft are laser focused on getting this right. I have no doubt that this device is going to be awesome.
  • Windows Azure – The quiet achiever. By the end of the year Microsoft will have commercial availability of the Azure platform. One of the offering that is going to be really amazing is the ability to move your corporate email into the cloud for storage by Microsoft.
  • Windows 7 – This still goes without saying that Windows 7 is going to be huge. All the manufacturers are chapping at the bit for this release.
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V – Hyper-V (v1) has got 24% of the market share and that is without Live Migration. Hyper-V R2 is going to blast VMWare out of the water.
  • Hyper-V R2 – But wait didn’t i just mention this… No this is the FREE version of the virtualisation software that Microsoft releases. But more interestingly is that the Hyper-V R2 is pretty much as fully functional as the Windows version.
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 – Just like Windows Server 2008 but even better
  • Xbox 360 – Clearly it is the best high powered gaming console on the market now even cheaper with it costing on $299au
  • Bing – Now with 10% US market share this is a massive gain for Microsoft.
  • ZuneHD – Has been release to very good reviews in the US. Now it just need to be released world wide.
  • Exchange 2010 – Will make corporate emails systems much faster and more reliable and now you can do Gmail to Exchange Cloud migrations with just one line of code.
  • Office 2010 Web – Run Office 2010 on almost any type of web browser on almost any OS.
  • Project Natal – Is going to be the must have device of 2010
  • Microsoft Security Essentials – Finally Microsoft will have a free anti-virus system. This product is not only fast it has been rated as the number 2 AV product on the market
  • The other really interesting thing is that Microsoft’s perception in the market is now certainly changing when being compared to Apple with all the iPhone/Google Voice rejection issues and people finally realising that OSX is not as secure as Windows with a slew of security updates coming out every month.
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