Windows 7 Party Pack Box Opening

In case you don’t already know I am hosting a Windows 7 House Party for the Brisbane Infrastructure User Group on Thursday night 22nd October we are also having Jeff Alexander come up from Sydney to do a bit of a session on Windows deployment technologies so it is going to be a super night. If you want to register to come to the party RSVP at right now before spots run out… 

Anyhow my Windows 7 Party Pack has arrived via courier today and I just could not wait to open it and find out what was inside. So I grabbed my camera and open the box to see what was inside…

The box…

Windows 7 Party Pack 001a

Smell the new box smell…

 Windows 7 Party Pack 002

lost of stuff to play with… how to run a party and some Windows 7 party canvas bags…

 Windows 7 Party Pack 003

Windows 7 napkins, Windows 7 deck of cards, Copy of Windows 7 Ultimate DVD (and 64bit), Windows 7 Cardboard thingy…. and

 Windows 7 Party Pack 004

Windows 7 Poster… WOW!!!!

 Windows 7 Party Pack 005

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