RSS Reader to come to the Xbox 360

RSS Xbox 360 Was just listening to the WMExperts Podcast 73 and they mentioned they saw a Xbox 360 with RSS reader option demo’d at a open house event by Microsoft in New York. Not even sure they were meant to see or talk about this feature as but they did so the cat is now out of the bag. This would be very awesome as you will be now able to setup you 360 as you news reader when you combine it with other RSS news aggregators. This positions the Xbox 360 to be the first thing your turn on in the morning and the last thing you turn off especially when it will also have integrated Twitter, Facebook & Zune (marketplace) support this November. I think the 360 is really shaping up to be a fantastic social media hub for your living room and once the Natal is released it will be the must have console for your home.


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