McDonalds are now selling advertising space on in house TV’s

Today when I went into McDonalds for lunch I noticed that the TV’s in the dining area were showing an on screen caption advertisement. I presume that this add was for Telstra as they use the tag line “try the network that works better in more places” about their 3G network. Ironically all McDonalds Australian stores offer free WIFI they offer to all their customers so they don’t need to use Telstra’s 3G network…. Hmm…

I wounder weather this breaches the Australian advertising standards as advertisements should always be clearly an advertisement and does this opaque banner across the bottom of the screen constitute subliminal advertising as this is also something that is strictly prohibited.

Perhaps they are not subject to these rules because they are only shown on in  house McDonalds TV’s either way it seems that McDonalds are now in the market of buying and selling of advertising.

try the network that works better in more places

McDonalds TV with closed caption adds


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