My last 50 tweets…

  • Had to reboot #iPhone again today. This time to get 3G data working. #fail
  • @leadfollowmove Flash 10.1 still crashed when I installed it.
  • RT @maryjofoley No IE 9 code expected yet, but MS is on tap to say something about it at PDC on Wed (via@tom_warren):
  • ZUNE is now available in Australia!
  • @jeffa36 Zune Market Place is now working for Video on the Xbox 360. No device or Zune Pass yet however… Its a start
  • @GTRoberts where? how?
  • @GTRoberts I wounder if they are selling it via official channels?
  • @GTRoberts just spoke with then and the Zune HD they have in stock is an import… Damn
  • @GTRoberts Warranty is only done via the place you bough it and there is no Zune online support
  • Going to catch up on SG:Uni and Heroes tonight.
  • @NickHodge meh. they were flying around all last week to
  • Just learnt that we are getting 100% of bonus’s this year. Awesome! #fb
  • Watching Glee with Alicia and Steph via MSN Messneger Chat #fb
  • RT @orinthomas Short Restricted Groups Policy screencast for those looking for a quick intro:
  • Hey Google! I already have a browser on my OS so go back and do what you do best and sell some more adds.
  • Looks like I have office web apps on my skydrive now.
  • Office Web Apps is totally Awesome!
  • Leaving sydney CBD now
  • WTF! Homeless guy just flashed me in Belmore Park,Sydney. #fb
  • @themolk Sorry dude you are on one of my lists. Just send me an email.
  • Going offline now.
  • Back on line. Still in Sydney! Plane has a broken AC, never got off the ground.
  • Just got my first Microsoft NDA.
  • @coatsy what’s the URL for the podcast?
  • WOW… Chrome OS is really shit
  • Waiting for taxi to go to the airport for flight to Sydney. Again.
  • Boarding plane to Sydney now. #fb
  • Landed in Sydney. Current temp is 20c. Glad I missed the heat wave yesterday. #fb
  • Group Policy Setting of the Week – 3. Group Policy Preferences Power Plans #gpsw
  • Did you know you can control power plans in windows 7 using group policy. See how @ #gpsw
  • @kathyhughesMVP is it 802.11n?
  • @NickHodge only .5 over 1000 years I might go back to burning my rubbish.
  • Windows 7: Fastest selling OS ever, says atomic mpc #fb
  • I just spotted a kindel in the wild. They are still rare in Australia.
  • Are people really that dumb that they don’t know how to hang up a telephone hand set #fb
  • How not to impress your boyfriend… Smash his Xbox 360
  • See my latest Group Policy Setting of the week at #gpsw
  • @mattcorr if you followed @translinkseq you would have know that…
  • is getting close to 10,000 hits, if not tomorrow then definitely on Thursday…
  • How to use Group Policy + BitLock to Go with Windows 7
  • About to have lunch with @jeffa36
  • @auteched i nominate #cli306 to be free. that way everyone can come to my group policy session. #auteced
  • Yahoo / Bing deal is now APPROVED!!! (in Australia)
  • Western Australia daylight savings update for Windows is out now

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