Try Silverlight 4 for the iPhone right now

One of the new products that Microsoft announced at PDC 09 was the beta release of Silverlight 4. What has since come out is that Silverlight 4 will now offer support for the iPhone (kinda). Microsoft has been committed to making Silverlight as cross-platform as possible however Apple don’t allow applications such as Adobe Flash or Silverlight as this would allow people to bypass the application store and run what ever application they want. So to get around Apple’s restriction Microsoft’s the Microsoft User Experience Platform Manager Brian Goldfarb has said “We worked with Apple” to enabled Silverlight on the server to stream video natively to the iPhone.

The really nice thing about this is you can checkout just how nice it work right now at

Silverlight iPhone

Silverlight video on iPhone

Source: Microsoft ‘worked with Apple’ for Silverlight on iPhone, says Goldfarb


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