Family Pack Out Now – Get Windows 7 for less than half price

windows-7-logo Back when Windows 7 launched on October 22nd there was an Australian Consumer/Press launch event in Sydney to show case how awesome the product was and from all accounts the event went really well. But… They then opened up the floor to questions and got hammered that there is no Windows 7 family pack licensing in Australia. The response to all this was along the line of “we will look into it” but I don’t think anyone was expecting much when they left the event.

Well it is only 5 weeks later and Microsoft have announced that you will be able to buy the Windows 7 Family pack for a “limited” time in Australia. This is good news (even thought it will be for a limited time) as you are going to be able to pick up 3 copies of Windows 7 Home Premium for $249au total. At $83au for each copy of Windows 7 Home Premium it works out to be a saving over over $85au per copy (or more that 50% off)…. Nice…

Note: I visited OfficeWorks today and they did not have any copies of Windows 7 Family pack on the shelves. This could be because they are offering Wireless Comfort Desktops Keyboards for anyone who had already paid full price for 3 copies of Windows 7 before tomorrow. So I will check again tomorrow to see if they have any stock…

Windows 7 Australia Blog : Windows 7 Family Pack Limited Pilot now Available in Australia


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