Windows 7 Family pack (Australia) out December 9th


The hunt continues…

Just visited the local the Milton Officeworks and I asked an assistant if they had any copies of the Windows 7 Family pack for sale. He  informed me that they had some copies out the and the back and he would grab me a copy. Well after a few minutes he came back and spoke to the duty manager after which he told me all they had was the display boxes. But then he said that it would be for sale on December 9th. I was able to see a display box for the product which looked fairly similar to the standard Windows 7 box except it was double the width. Obviously the double width box is only a marketing thing as the Windows 7 family pack DVD is identical to the normal version with the only difference being the registration key.

So on Monday Microsoft said previously posted ( Windows 7 Family Pack Limited Pilot now Available in Australia) that the Windows 7 Family Pack will be “available in time for Christmas” but they didn’t specifically mention a date it would be on sale. Well if i had to make a bet then I say that there Microsoft has embargoed the sale for Windows 7 Family Pack until Wednesday December 9th maybe to co-inside with and advertising launch.

I will keep you informed when I spot a copy in the wild…


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