Cool PC Geek gift ideas for Christmas

In the past couple of days a few new PC products have been appearing on the shelf just in time for Christmas. If you are wondering what to buy that computer geek in your life then below are a few gift ideas:

Bamboo Input Device

This is a really good way to touch enabled you desktop computer with out having to replace your monitor. I recently bought a Dell 21.5” Multi-touch monitor and while the screen it self is very nice having a touch interface on a traditional sit down desktop computer is just not very practical as you quicker get tired arms and you are forever pressing in the wrong sport because you can see where you are touching because your finger in are in the way. Well i reckon this is a much better (and cheaper way) to touchify your computer… The Bamboo Touch does supports Windows 7 but also support Vista and XP so this should please pretty much any Windows PC user. However to really take advantage of the touch input Windows 7 is recommended.

You can buy it now from Harvey Normal for $99.95

See Bamboo Touch for more information


Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

If you are like me and you now use Skype to call you family and friends when you are away for work then you will know how frustrating it is to only be able to see them via a really grainy image. Well Microsoft have now released the LifeCam Cinema (a.k.a. Microsoft HD Web Cam) that will transmit 720p 30fps video (depending on bandwidth). This has only just

Get it now from Harvey Norman for $169.95

See LifeCam Cinema for more information


Windows 7 Family Pack

Now if you have a geek that you want to buy something for it is very likely that they have more than one PC in their home so ll this is defiantly the deal for them. This limited time offer give you three licences of Windows 7 Home Premium for $247 total. Which works out to be $83 per copy or a massive 51% off the RRP of a single copy. Also this is a limited time offer so definitely buy it soon as they have just stopped selling it in the USA so i expect this offer will only last until January at the latest.

Get it now from OfficeWorks for $247.00

See Windows 7 Family Pack Limited Pilot now Available in Australia for more information.




2 Responses to “Cool PC Geek gift ideas for Christmas”

  1. Matt Says:

    Instead of using a Bamboo Touch why not just use a mouse to interface with your computer? It’s old fashioned and been around for ages but it still pretty good :)Like the idea of the HD webcam. That’s pretty cool!"NOT a DISCLAIMER"? It looks like a disclaimer to me.

  2. Alan Says:

    Ah… You can use gestures on the touch pad so that things like kenetic scrolling and pinch to zoom will work… As for the Disclaimer… you are right… only thing to disclaim is that i have nothing to disclaim…

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