More Christmas gift ideas that go along great with Windows 7

Just paid another visit to Officeworks Milton and I noticed a few cool things that would great gift ideas for Christmas for someone who already has Windows 7 installed on their computer. These two devices very small boxes that you plug in power and ethernet cable into and a HDMI cable into your TV so you can play all your music, photos and videos from you Windows 7 computer. The reason that these two different brand devices can support playing information from a Windows 7 computer is because they both support DLNA (Digital Living Alliance) which is a standard used by a number of electronic manufactures to share media across a network. One of the nice feature of the Netgear Digital Entertainer is that you can also plug in a Wireless USB Adapter (EVAW111, Sold separately) that means you don’t need to run a network cable from your computer if you already have a wireless access point.

Western Digital WD TV Live Costs $196.00 (Officeworks Milton) for more information see WD TV Live HD Media Player (WDBAAN0000NBK) 

Netgear Digital Entertainer Live Costs $234.00 (Officeworks Milton) for more information see Netgear – Digital Entertainer Live

WD TV Live HD Media Player Netgear EVA2000 Digital Entertainer Live

But If you are a gamer in any way then the Xbox 360 is also a DLNA compatible device and you can pick up and one at EB Games for only $299 (with a free game). This give gives you all the functionality of the above devices but also a full game console, DVD player, Windows Media Center Extender, Facebook and Twitter client as well.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Cost $299 (EB Games) for more information see | Console Overview 

xbox 360 arcade



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