My needs for a blog have out grown what a live space can do so I am moving my blog over to a hosted WordPress solution.

To find all my Group Policy related material over to the web site

All my other IT related blog post can be found at

So please update you RSS feeds to the new sites and thanks for visiting this site over the past 18months.


My last 50 tweets…

  • Had to reboot #iPhone again today. This time to get 3G data working. #fail
  • @leadfollowmove Flash 10.1 still crashed when I installed it.
  • RT @maryjofoley No IE 9 code expected yet, but MS is on tap to say something about it at PDC on Wed (via@tom_warren):
  • ZUNE is now available in Australia!
  • @jeffa36 Zune Market Place is now working for Video on the Xbox 360. No device or Zune Pass yet however… Its a start
  • @GTRoberts where? how?
  • @GTRoberts I wounder if they are selling it via official channels?
  • @GTRoberts just spoke with then and the Zune HD they have in stock is an import… Damn
  • @GTRoberts Warranty is only done via the place you bough it and there is no Zune online support
  • Going to catch up on SG:Uni and Heroes tonight.
  • @NickHodge meh. they were flying around all last week to
  • Just learnt that we are getting 100% of bonus’s this year. Awesome! #fb
  • Watching Glee with Alicia and Steph via MSN Messneger Chat #fb
  • RT @orinthomas Short Restricted Groups Policy screencast for those looking for a quick intro:
  • Hey Google! I already have a browser on my OS so go back and do what you do best and sell some more adds.
  • Looks like I have office web apps on my skydrive now.
  • Office Web Apps is totally Awesome!
  • Leaving sydney CBD now
  • WTF! Homeless guy just flashed me in Belmore Park,Sydney. #fb
  • @themolk Sorry dude you are on one of my lists. Just send me an email.
  • Going offline now.
  • Back on line. Still in Sydney! Plane has a broken AC, never got off the ground.
  • Just got my first Microsoft NDA.
  • @coatsy what’s the URL for the podcast?
  • WOW… Chrome OS is really shit
  • Waiting for taxi to go to the airport for flight to Sydney. Again.
  • Boarding plane to Sydney now. #fb
  • Landed in Sydney. Current temp is 20c. Glad I missed the heat wave yesterday. #fb
  • Group Policy Setting of the Week – 3. Group Policy Preferences Power Plans #gpsw
  • Did you know you can control power plans in windows 7 using group policy. See how @ #gpsw
  • @kathyhughesMVP is it 802.11n?
  • @NickHodge only .5 over 1000 years I might go back to burning my rubbish.
  • Windows 7: Fastest selling OS ever, says atomic mpc #fb
  • I just spotted a kindel in the wild. They are still rare in Australia.
  • Are people really that dumb that they don’t know how to hang up a telephone hand set #fb
  • How not to impress your boyfriend… Smash his Xbox 360
  • See my latest Group Policy Setting of the week at #gpsw
  • @mattcorr if you followed @translinkseq you would have know that…
  • is getting close to 10,000 hits, if not tomorrow then definitely on Thursday…
  • How to use Group Policy + BitLock to Go with Windows 7
  • About to have lunch with @jeffa36
  • @auteched i nominate #cli306 to be free. that way everyone can come to my group policy session. #auteced
  • Yahoo / Bing deal is now APPROVED!!! (in Australia)
  • Western Australia daylight savings update for Windows is out now

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5000 hits and still going strong

This web site saw another mile store this week with it reaching 5000 visits. I would like to thank everyone who have read my blog and i hope that you all have found it to be a valuable resource. I hope to change the site into more of a “How to” Group Policy reference site with still some interesting side articles thrown in there to keep it interesting.

Thanks for visiting.