Apple’s App Store Evaluation Process

Very funny…



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Zune HD Hands on Video Demo

Gizmodo has just uploaded a video for the Zune HD, fist thoughts are that the interface seems very fast and clean and the rotation of the device from landscape to portrait work very quickly…  Update: I have found a better (in focus) video.

Something that really impresses me is the OLED screen that looks really good when looking at it from a high angle of attack (see below).


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Zune HD is now Official

image Microsoft have now officially confirmed the Zune HD is coming this year. The device specs they the promote are interesting as they tout some features that the iPod/iPhone don’t have.

  • 480×272 19:9 OLDE touchscreen display
  • HD Radio
  • HD video out via HDMI connection
  • Wireless built-in. (no announcement if this is N or G)
  • Built in web browser with touchscreen QWERTY keyboard

Source: Zune HD |

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Windows Mobile 7 UI shows up on HP iPAQ K3

In what might have been an intentional leak (or just a total stuff up) it seems that some promotional shots of the new HP iPAQ K3 are sporting a Windows Mobile 7 interface. The shot looks very clean and I for one would expect the next windows mobile OS to look just like.

What seems to be strange is that the top and bottom rows of buttons don’t have text labels. There is also a Phone button on the middle row on the right however there is also a phone icon sitting just above it. Also worth mentioning it the black circles with numbers on top of the phone, email & text messages buttons. This is similar to the un-lock screen in Windows Mobile 6.5 in how it shows the number of un-read messages in each category.

Whats also interesting is the soft buttons at the bottom right of the screen… Move – Which seems strange as there is nothing selected so what exactly are you meant to be moving??

If it is a fake then it is a good one. If it is real, then i am excited!


Source: HP iPAQ K3 pictured with Windows Mobile 7-style UI

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Tips for using WSUS

I have been a big user of WSUS for a while now and i have just came across two very handy tips for making an IT Pro’s job a lot easier.

1. WUAUCLT /reportnow . Previously the command WUAUCLT /detectnow would force a dectrion on the Automatic Update agent on a PC but the /reportnow forces the client to update the status back to the server. Very handy switch as this save you waiting around for this to happen when it feels like it.

2. WUA_SearchDownloadInstall.vbs . This script does what it says… I Searches Downloads and Installs all approved updates. This is very handy if you want to force the update of patches and could be used in a workstation build process as a post build task in SCCM or WDS very easily. The code for this script can be found at .

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BIG Windows 7 RC Loadfest gets a mention on TechNet Australia

clip_image002Last week I helped organised a Windows 7 RC Loadfest for the Brisbane Infrastructure User Group, This event has had a mention on the TechNet Australia Site (see below)…  link here

If you were wondering why I am not in the photos, it is because I was the person taking them… You can see more of the photos posted on flickr at


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iPhone push notification is more like a slow nudge

imageApparently to get push notification to work to an iPhone 3 app you first need to go via the apple cloud. This begs a whole lot of privacy issues as there is really no alternative system of doing this directly unlike other platforms (e.g.. Windows Mobile).

But what is also really interesting is that Apple only cares if the push notification take more than 48 hours…

Could you imagine getting a notification 48 hours late Sunday afternoon that the AC in your Server room has failed on Friday evening…


There is of course one exception to this and this is the Microsoft Exchange Active Sync client that is used for email push notification.

Source: Developers get first look at Apple Push Notification service on iPhone OS 3.0 beta

Source2: Apple Recruiting Developers to Beta Test Push Notification

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